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law enforcement bodycam 3G/4G LTE HD body-worn camera

1 brief

law enforcement PVR(portable DVR, police body-worn HD camera) devices,built on MTK soc with builtin 3G/4G LTE(FDD/TDD)/WIFI/BT,16MP CMOS camera, H.264 encoder for local recorder,remote live view/monitori via wireless network, GPS/BD,HD(4Kx3K)snapshot and upload, cluster call/PTT, managed by large scale networking CMS software/smarteye. 

a MPU APP is installed and run as the main working software to provide live av streaming and GPS/BD location etc. it will run up automatically at startup, if you quit MPU, then may click “Camera” to run it up.


The bodyworn camera, or brief to BWC, or called as the device, the unit. 

2 device series

there are two series of bodyworn camera/PVR, 3G/WCDMA only version and 3G/4G LTE version, built on different MTK chps, and 3G/WCDMA machine has two types,one with 2.8’ LCD panel and the other 3.5’ LCD.

1) BVS_W280 with 2.8’ LCD,3G/WCDMA 

2) BVS_W350 with 3.5’ LCD,3G/WCDMA  

3) BVS_WB720: 4G FDD/TDD LTE machine with 2.0’ LCD panel/touch screen 



Model: BVS_WB720, 4G LTE model




Built on MTK soc, android 4.x, 1GB RAM


3m free drop OK, -40℃~60℃


GB4208-2008  IP67


2.0 inch TFT LCD(320x240), capacitive touch screen

View angle

Wide view angle with distortion correction, horizontal angle >120

Video in

16MP CMOS, 1920*1080

Video encoder

Max: 1920×1080@30fps

Recording format



Max:16MP, JPG file, 4608*3456


Electrical shutter

Night vision

Auto switch, IRCUT, Infra-red >10m

High power LED, cooling of the aluminum plate

Laser positioning












Built-in wifi, 802.11b/g/n/ac,2.4G/5G dual band

remote live view/monitori via wireless network, managed by large scale networking CMS software/smarteye.


Built-in compass

Data connection

Mini USB 2.0, BT4.0


DC 5V,1000mA adapter, USB cable


li-battery,3100mAh (4.35V)




WB720:100mm(L)×60mm(W)×24.4mm(H). package:



W350: 119x70x30mm


165g for WB720,

236g for W350


4 System Networking 

5 Hardware desc

5.1 brief

Install/uninstall the rotary back clip

Disassemble/ Assemble battery, SIM card,

Long-press OK to open flashlight.

5.2 About Bluetooth headset

To connect a Bluetooth headset to the device to work as earphone and mic.

From android menu,


Pare up a BT headset, such as a SPORT-S9

By default, below two options are checked on

 6 MPU Software howto

An android system is installed in this device and supports touch screen operation, users may just consider this device as an android mobile phone.

A audio/video transfer-local record-GPS software by name of MPU is running on this device, main functions include,

1) live video/audio transfer via 3G/4G/wifi networking

2) local audio/video recording

3) GPS/BD location report

4) Audio talking, cluster talking via PTT

5) HD snapshot and upload to server


The device, indicates this body-worn camera/PVR device, or just called PU.


6.1 Menu brief


1)In upper right menu, include server IP/port setting(most common used), system setting.

 In left bottom menu, include camera selection, video parameter setting (resolution/bitrate/fps), it’s shown below.

In right bottom menu, include recording,snapshot control, as shown below.


6.2 Setup APN

If 3G/4G LTE used, please setup APN first to match your own local telecom provider, e.g., Vodafone, so that the device may get connected to internet.

please note, an android system is installed in this device and support touch screen operation, may just consider this device as an android mobile phone.

Quit MPU, enter android desktop/main menu, there are 6 big ICONs, select compass,

 press the “down” key five times continuously, enter system setting menu.


Click “+”to add new APN.


6.3 Setup smarteye server IP/port

First, ensure that the PVR/device connect to internet(wifi or 3G/4G), Then setup the server IP/port where to register, click the button on the upper right corner, select server menu,input smarteye server IP, PUPort(default9702),

for example, to login to a smarteye server in China(aliyun) on, PU port 9702,


Finally click login button in the bottom, it will try go register/login to the smarteye server, if success, “logout” will be displayed, and the device will appear in device list in smarteye client/monitor and double click on video(channel), you will see video stream from the device.

If a circle runs after “login”clicked, that indicates a network failure, wifi or 3G/4G SIM card or APN error, check and fix it.


6.4 Recording and snapshot

There are keys for manual recording and snapshot as shown above, meanwhile,two menu items provided to do recording and snapshot at right bottom corner in MPU.


By default, the device does audio/video recording at startup automatically.

If storage full, will by default delete/override those oldest files.

For snapshot, by default, the .jpg file will be saved locally and sent to smarteye server for remote search and download-to-review in smarteye client.


6.5 Change video resolution,fps,bitrate

Logout, click left bottom ⊕ menu, slide to the left, get below menu,


6.6 Sys settings


6.7 On-line upgrade

Online upgrading built-in MPU APP to latest version, below number indicates version.

If new version detected, select to upgrade, and progess bar will be displayed during downloading and upgrading.

6.8 About external-plug-in HD camera (optional)

Please note, this external camera is an optional part, needs additional charge.


Select Front camera in left bottom menu to switch to external camera,


6.9 playback

search in record filels, snapshots, audio record files, and playback.

An initial passwd needed for visit, it’s 123456 by default.


6.10 copy files to PC

for security reason, a PC software and passwd are needed to visit files in this device when get connected to a PC via USB cable.

The PC software by name of usb_manager_xxx.rar  may be downloaded from netdisk and the initial passwd is 888888 by default.

The netdisk URL is,

will be valid all the time.

6.11 SoS key

Long press “UP” key will trigger a SoS signal sent to CMS/smarteye client, and will cause alarm action on smarteye client if set to do so by manager.


7 About logo customization

logo on device and in software, boot logo etc may be customized, most of them are paid services.

About bootlogo, there 2 stages,

1) The first picture displayed at bootup, it’s a 320x240 BMP file

2) boot animation, 320x480 png file sequence, about 100 frames

only stage2 is easy for customization.



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